Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Massage

An aromatherapy massage utilises the healing properties and energy of plants, flowers and trees in the form of essential oils. The oils are applied using a combination of therapeutic touch and massage to create a holistic, deeply relaxing treatment.

It is a gentle therapy that is suitable for most people including the elderly and during pregnancy. It can help to promote a person’s unique self-healing mechanism, support their emotional and spiritual development as well as improve their general well-being.

The appropriate application of essential oils can also help ease stress-related muscular aches, pains, improve circulation, stimulate the immune system, regulate and balance the nervous system and improve digestion.

A treatment provides a wonderful opportunity to relax and feel nurtured.

History of Aromatherapy

Many ancient cultures used scented oils for cosmetic and medicinal purposes because of their amazing potential to heal and transform. In the limbic system of the brain is one of the oldest evolutionary parts of the brain. It is here that there is a direct correlation between scent and emotional response, giving scent an ability to influence our emotional, psychological states, memory and to reduce stress. Many references are made to healing properties of oils in ancients texts including the bible and much significance given to the effects of being ‘anointed’ by oils! In ancient Egypt they were used to preserve bodies as part of the mummification process and for healing, as part of an extensive medical science. The ancient Greeks celebrated their use too. Hippocrates who is today still heralded as ‘the Father of Medicine’ considered plant oils a central role in his philosophy of healing along with nutrition, massage and bodywork.

What happens during a treatment
During a session the therapist  will create a unique blend, using distilled essential oils blended with macerated plant oil infusions and nurturing base oils. This is applied to the skin through deeply soothing sensitive full body massage, with the client swaddled in towels, for a luxurious and healing experience. The therapist can also give direction and recommendations for home use to support your treatment.

What can you expect during the treatment
An Aromatherapy massage is an oils based massage applied directly to the skin. The massage style is fluid draining motions. The body will up take the oils into the blood stream where they will be circulated to nurture, detoxify and revive. Soothing away stress, aches and pains, giving a deeply relaxing experience, to uplift and refresh or just for a pampering session. These oils have powerful medicinal and cosmetic properties making them very effective holistic treatment for many ailments.

What can it support
Aromatherapy has powerful medicinal and cosmetic properties and may have a beneficial effect in a wide variety of ailments including:-
Muscular and Skeletal, Headaches/Migraine/Sinusitis, Back Pain, Asthma and Allergies ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia, IBS/Digestive issues, Anxiety/Stress/Depression Fluid Retention, Cellulite Menopause/PMS/Menstrual pain/irregularity.


Full length session – 90 minutes

Basic length session – 60 minutes

Every session begins with a consultation, this information is used to help choose the most appropriate essential oils. Once the oils have been selected a bespoke blend is made and used for your massage treatment.

If it is your first consultation, a more detailed case history is taken including your current life circumstances and other treatments you are receiving. In some rare cases agreement from a GP or Consultant, that aromatherapy & massage are not contra-indicated is required.

The areas to be massaged are always discussed during the consultation and the treatment is based on your needs and wishes at the time.   The principle aim of the massage is for deep relaxation to enhance your physical, emotional & spiritual well-being. A variety of massage, therapeutic touch and energy healing techniques are used to achieve this.

Each session concludes with some feedback, recommendations and an opportunity to discuss any issues that may have arisen.

Treatments  available  by appointment on Wednesday and Thursday’s  at other times by arrangement.


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