Lymph Drainage Massage

Lymph node drainage

Lymph drainage is a type of massage which uses techniques found to help increase the flow of the lymph fluid. Studies have been done to show that it is possible that this method can increase the flow to up to 20 times faster. The Lymphatic system is frequently overlooked though it is key in transporting waste products from the cells and interstitial fluids and producing and transporting antibodies and therefore a vital part of immune function.

What happens during a treatment

It is a very gentle slow repetitive treatment performing tiny circular movements directly on the skin. This method does not use any oils but may use a little powder. This takes place with the client lying on a treatment couch as for massage. The client will need to be partially or fully undressed down to underwear, depending on the areas of the body to be worked on. Client is draped with towels appropriately at all times.

What to expect from a treatment

Lymph drainage helps to overcome inertia of the lymphatic system. This system is important to the bodies ability to clear waste transport nutrients and immune function. By helping to get the lymph fluid moving we improve the detoxification process, reduce water retention, decongest the cells and improve immune function.

What it will support

Lymph drainage will improve the function of the lymphatic system resulting in increased detoxification and improved immune function therefore may have a beneficial effect in a wide variety of ailments including:-

Very popular cosmetic for improving any skin conditions, aging or tired skin, cellulite, improves overall tone and texture.

Excellent for  Hayfever/Allergies, Burns, Bruising, Sports Injury, Headaches/Migraine/Sinusitis, Pain, Asthma and Allergies, ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia, IBS/Digestive issues, Anxiety/Stress/Depression, Weight Problems, Fluid Retention, Menopause/PMS/Menstrual Pain/Irregularity.



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