EFT and Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting is used in all sessions, which incorporates the use of EFT.

EFT is a form of energy psychology and is one of the most widely used where mental, emotional and physical issues can be cleared by tapping on specific energy meridian points on the body. By concentrating on the negative emotions, thoughts and even pain, we can encourage blocked meridians to flow freely, resulting in a release of emotion and/or pain and a clear and more balanced meridian.

Matrix Reimprinting uses EFT and was founded by EFT Master Karl Dawson who evolved EFT into a process where guided imagery is used to access the subconscious mind and take the emotional intensity out of a past memory.

The aim of Matrix Reimprinting is to revisit ECHOs (Energetic Conscious Hologram) which are energetic parts of self that have fragmented off at a traumatic moment in time and with the use of EFT, de-traumatise them, creating new positive memories and providing resources that the younger self did not have at the time. Limiting self-beliefs formed can be released and new positive beliefs imprinted, allowing improved well-being, reduced response to stress triggers and a more whole self as your ECHOs are lovingly reintegrated.

Sessions are held at The Space or Skype sessions are available on request and are charged at £35.00 per hour session.

Please contact Sarah on 07986 706513 or email sarah@sebtherapies.co.uk to make an appointment.