Spring to Summer

2nd June 2019

10:00 - 15:00

The Space, Motcombe


Prepare yourself for the return of the Spring and Summer sunshine.
Enjoy some Time Out at The Space. Here, we will practice and discuss many of the tools of yoga. We will also take a meditative walk, enjoy a sound journey, and share a meal together. You will feel lighter, brighter and full of a whole lotta love to send into your new week full of energy.

Refresh your life
Spring clean your spirit
Create Space for yourself and others

Come and enjoy some Yoga with me Sally Rainbowchild. 

On this morning of Yoga we will be working with the body, breath, voice and mind, going beyond them to the heart. When we are in touch with the heart, when we listen to it and do its bidding, we feel that we are truly living our life.

Yoga helps us live our life better – in so many ways: it helps us keep our body and mind healthy, and it also helps us work out what is really important for us, so that our life becomes more rewarding and fulfilling.

No previous Yoga experience necessary.

Booking is essential. Please click the button below to book online.


Hatha Yoga from the heart - Wednesday

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