Thai Foot Massage

Thai foot massage is a deeply therapeutic procedure with origins dating back to ancient Japan and China. This relaxing, yet also invigorating massage involves hands on massage to both the lower leg and feet. Similar to reflexology, Thai foot massage, incorporates the manipulation of specific reflex points in the soles of the feet using stretching and acupressure as well as hands on massage often with the use of oil and a rounded wooden stick.

As with reflexology, reflex actions in other parts of the body are stimulated using this massage technique and so in turn can be beneficial for the whole body. Thai foot massage has many benefits which include improved circulation and increased oxygen to the feet and legs, it can help boost the immune system, release toxins, stimulate lymphatic drainage, reduce stiffness and flexibility, aid in reducing stress and mental tiredness and can accelerate physical healing.

Sessions are held at The Space and charged at £25.00 per session. Sessions last approximately 40 minutes.

Please contact Sarah on 07986 706513 or email to make an appointment.