Corporate Yoga

Put Yoga to work  –  Healthy Happy Employees create a successful workplace!

Why do Corporate Yoga?

Corporate Yoga classes are a great way to improve workplace morale, increase productivity and bring everyone together to do something fun as a group. Yoga can be a welcome break to a busy work day or a relaxing way to de-stress at the end of the day. Experienced teachers will leave you and your co-workers refreshed, re-energized and ready to deal with workplace stress. Workplace Yoga classes easily fits into a lunch break, allowing time to both relax and eat, or after the workday in the early evening getting home in time for dinner. The students experience the foundational practices of concentration, breathing, physical stretching exercises (including stretches they can do at a desk!), and relaxation techniques.

If you’d like to explore the value of adding a yoga program to your workplace  please email here.

Lunch Time/After Work Program

Bring a yoga class directly to your work place! Classes last 30, 45 or 60 minutes and meet 1 to 5 times a week. They can be done in any relatively quiet room.
The following are the techniques the Corporate Yoga classes utilise:

  • Desk and chair exercises to practice any time!
  • Simple physical stretching and breathing practices
  • Concentration and focusing methods
  • Corporate Yoga has Many Benefits

For Businesses:

  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased health care premiums
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Reduced employee absenteeism
  • Higher job satisfaction amongst employees
  • More respect for senior management of companies
  • More attractive to potential employees seeking employment with your company

For Employees:

  • Reduced stress, anxiety & depression
  • Increased energy and decreased fatigue
  • Improved memory, focus and concentration
  • Stronger muscles and increased flexibility
  • Improved posture
  • Improved overall health and reduced risk for diseases, including cancer

Q:Do Our Employees Need to Have Yoga Experience to Participate?
A:Not at all! Yoga classes are suitable for all levels and custom designed to meet the needs of your employees. All shapes and sizes of students are welcome, regardless of fitness or flexibility level. I offer a safe and detailed approach to all postures.
Q:What Do We Needed for the Workplace yoga class?
A:We provide experienced and certified teachers. You provide a suitable room, large enough for the number of participants and that is fairly quiet. Participants should wear comfortable loose fitting clothing!
Q: Will each student need a yoga mat.  A:  yes, each student will need a mat. I can supply mats or students can bring their own.

What does it Cost?
Prices differ depending on the number of people participating in the session and how many times during the week the classes meet and what best meets your business needs. On average, the cost is usually around £25.00 per person for a group of at least 10 people.  
Please note : Travel is added at an extra cost of 45 pence per mile.

Please contact us to discuss any questions you may have.

Companies have chosen one of three options in hosting yoga classes:
Full subsidy: Employer offers the classes free of charge to the employee.
Partial subsidy: Class fees are shared by employee and employer.
Hosting: Employer offers a space in the office for the class time and employees individually pay for classes.

How Often Should We Offer Yoga?
Most companies decide based on the availability of an open board room and the time and resources of their company. They usually begin with once a week classes and add more as needed.
Depending on your needs, the program normally includes a series of classes running for six , eight or ten weeks ,ongoing or one-off classes are also possible.

How Can We Book a Class or Series of Classes?
Please get in touch with Sally on 07873 336662 or email  and let us know the type of business conducted in your workplace and the goals you are hoping to achieve.

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