Natural Nutrition

Nutrition and Healthy Eating in Shaftesbury, Dorset

History of Natural Nutrition

Natural nutrition is an holistic approach devised by Barbara Wren author of ‘Cellular Awakening’ and ‘Our Return to the Light’ in light.  With 40 yrs of experience practicing dietary therapy and holistic health approaches Barbara founded the college of Natural Nutrition to teach her unique holistic approach to healing through nutrition and naturopathic detoxification techniques. Karine attended the college and was taught by Barbara in 2006/7, after many years of her own journey in healing with nutrition including ventures as a raw food chef.

What happens during a treatment

A treatment involves a thorough consultation in which a full past history is taken. We will look at possible connections between past issues and symptoms currently presenting. We will look at how diet and lifestyle changes can be considered to help change your condition. You may be offered recommendations including dietary changes, supplements and natural detox techniques for you to learn and practice at home to help you to gain more control over your health and well being. You will be given support to achieve these changes and to meet your goals.

What to expect during a treatment

The first consultation is 1.5hrs and then you may need to follow this up with 2-3 consultations from weekly to monthly depending on what it is that you are addressing. During this time, a great deal of emphasis is spent on you becoming proactive with your own health. You will be counselled and offered information and recommendations on nutrition to help you to become empowered and to feel more in control. The approach is shaped according to the individual and can look at adding beneficial and nutritious foods, avoiding foods in allergies, intolerances and possible irritants,  styles cooking and food preparation and increasing an understanding in important nutrients and how they can be damaged or how to increase ability to utilise these.

What it can support

Nutrition is at the very heart of good health and wellbeing. It combines well with the other therapies that are on  offer at the Space.
Diet and lifestyle choices can have beneficial effect in a wide variety of ailments including:-

Headaches/Migraine, Fertility, Asthma and Allergies ,ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia, IBS/Digestive issues ,Anxiety/Stress/Depression     Autism/ADHD and Aspergers , Weight Problems, Fluid Retention, Cellulite , Menopause/PMS/Menstrual pain/irregularity


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