Treatment Journey

A transformational journey for Mind , Body and spirit 

Come on a transformational journey – A walk through The Space! 
Give yourself the gift of Time and spend a few hours at The Space where you will experience a tailor-made package to support you on your path.
Morning or afternoon appointments available.
£150.00 per person
Please get in touch for more information.


A treatment journey is an opportunity to addresses any physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blockages you feel like you dealing with, a treatment journey enables you to make some sense of it all. Take the pressure off and let go into the journey of transformation.

You will experience a truly unique level of wellbeing as you are held in space.
Your treatment journey will include:  

  1. Foot soak – Reflexology
    Working on the feet and hands. This is a deeply relaxing and gentle way of assisting healing. I first encountered it when I was 16 and going through tough times. I was prescribed a course of treatment. I found it so beneficial that 25 years later I am offering it myself. Reflexology works with the whole system. It enables healing by moving energy around the body as we work on particular points of the hands and feet which are associated with whole body systems.
  2. Full body Massage – Flowing movements working with supported stillness to cultivate a deep level of healing.
  3. Sound healing, guided meditation – Let your ears follow the sound of the bells until they fade away into silence. 
  4. Yoga – Look at the woods and see the trees and you see the light shining through the branches. Yoga helps us breathe better and generally feel better in every way.  You will learn and practice some of the many tools of Yoga to help and support you on your journey.

    No previous yoga experience necessary and you don’t have to be flexible either!  Your journey will leave you feeling so relaxed , happy and free that you will begin to make Space for yourself more often. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to get involved in supporting Yoga in Dorset or the Space in any way.

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